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We highly recommend students to read the content IN SEQUENCE. If you have any questions about the content, please to email

Get Your INTL  ID

INTL ID is International Campus' unified user credential, uniquely identifying you to International Campus' IT applications and services. 

Get your INTL ID.

Network Connection

International campus provides various kinds of network accessing services, including Wi-Fi, eduroam and RVPN, please check Network Instruction.

Eduroam(SSID = Eduroam)

eduroam is available in the campus, if you are a member of eduroam, you can use your own eduroam account to connect the campus Wi-Fi. Get connecting guidance.

Wireless network (SSID = ZJUWLAN)

Our campus provides a secure Wi-Fi service, which is available across all the campuses of Zhejiang University. The SSID is "ZJUWLAN". After you connect to ZJUWLAN, there will be an automatically logon window when you open a webpage, input your INTL ID and password, and all done!

or visit to input your account information


Allow you to access campus network off campus.

Read more about RVPN

Printers and Labs

The University sets up self-service printers in the Residential college, Learning & Teaching buildings, Art & Science Building, etc. Students and staff can print, copy and scan files via campus cards.

Read more about Self printing-service


The INTL campus offer 2 email accounts for every students, both are free. 


The INTL MAIL is the underlying to other collaborations tools, it is a major email account to members of INTL, campus notifications will be sent to this email account.

Read more about INTL mail

ZJU Mail

The ZJU mail address is <studentID> 

Please to configure your email client (outlook is recommended) for the two email accounts.

Read more about ZJU Mail

About Campus Card

Campus card is a consumer card as well as an ID card in the campus, it provides students and staff a 'multi-purpose on One-card' service.

As an ID card (Student or staff ID card)

1.  Library card to use library resources and borrow books
2.  Access card to entrance your residential buildings
3.  appointment card to reserve study spaces

As a consumer card

1.  Self-service printing, photocopying and scanning

2.  Using in the canteen

Top-up my campus card and E-account and password

Read more about Campus Card

Microsoft Office 365?

Each staff and student is given an office 365 account, by login to their platform, user can collaborate with others, sharing documents, and download the latest version of office 365.

Access office 365

Please to use your INTL ID to visit If you have any question, please to contact ITS.

Read more about Office 365

Legalization Software

You could get Microsoft and Adobe products on Zhejiang University campus legalization software platform ( Microsoft software includes: Windows, Office, Visio, Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, etc.; Adobe software includes: Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Bridge, etc.