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Purpose of service catalogue & SLA

ITS provides a wide range of IT services to support teaching, learning, research and administration. When several requests happen together, it may bring a disorder in service process. An SLA defines an amount of time for a task to be completed, like resolving an incident or fulfilling a service catalogue order. This could reduce the effort and time needed to administer agreements and provide better and more timelier information,lead to fewer service problems and faster resolutions when problems occur. Finally result in a stronger long-term relationship between ITS and recipients.

Service Catalogue

Core   ServicesDescription
Account   ManagementProvides   support for INTL ID, ZJU Passport, etc. including password and profile   management.
Network   Service
  • Provides   support for Wired and Wireless network, including configuration and   troubleshooting.

  • Provide network access services for scientific research equipment.


Provides support for Application operation: inlcuding Blackboard,   PeopleSoft and other academic applications such as Office365, Matlab, etc.  

Desktop   Hardware and Software 
  • Provide network access service, domain control service and unified mirroring services for campus public teaching computers;

  • Provides support for software and system, including configuration,   installation and troubleshooting for such computers.

Servers &   IP ServicesPovides   application for campus server and domain name.
Multimedia   Service
  • Provide technical support for audio and video equipment in classrooms, Multimedia Hall, library multi-function room and meeting rooms in the administration building. 

  • Provide technical support and consultation for important video conferences at campus level, such as teleconferencing, distance teaching, etc.

Print Services

Provides support for self-service printers, including consumables,   troubleshooting and printing quota.

Security Maintaining   IT Security and virus protection and providing advice and guidance. 

Service Level Agreement

Four Levels of Impact

-1-Extensive / Widespread: All students and staffs in the campus was impacted.

-2-Significant / Large: A group of people in the campus was impacted, like students in Learning and Teaching Building North A.

-3-Moderate / Limited: A single user was stopped from working.

-4-Minor / Localized: Users report an IT issue but did not impact his or her normal working.


Four Levels of Urgency

-1-Critical: Prevent users from working, or causes significant safety or security impacts.

-2-High: Impending risk to: teaching, learning & research activities

-3-Medium: Failures of other equipment and no discernible impact to: delivery of teaching, learning and research activities.

-4-Low: Non-urgent requests or requests that have a specific date/ time 

Priority ImpactUrgencyResponse Time   Target(Hour)Resolution Time   Target(Hour)Service HourDescriptionExamples include but are not limited 
Critical110.2517*24A large number of users and/or an incident that impacts the   immediate delivery of instruction, life-safety or critical business   transactions. 

• Critical academic applications and databases not functioning (i.e. PeopleSoft, Blackboard ).

• Campus wide loss of access to Internet (i.e., firewall, Internet   connection). 

• Failure of classroom technology during the class.

... ...

High310.51.57*9An individual or group of individuals that completely impacts the users’ ability to do work. 

• PeopleSoft is failed when large amount of students are selecting course.

• Multiple users that have lost print capabilities.

• Technical assistance for campus critical meetings.

... ...

Medium42127*9An incident that partially impacts the user’s ability to do work. Workaround may be available

• Customer can move to another workstation to perform their tasks or the customer has another alternative to facilitate their work.
• Malfunctioning software application that needs to be uninstalled and   reinstalled.
• Slow network and internet connection. 
... ...

Low14137*9No impact on the majority of immediate instructional delivery, life safety, or critical business transactions. (Remote support predominates)

• Requests for customization of application programming. 

• Installs of software and pc/laptop maintenance. 

• Operating system upgrades.

... ...


      We welcome your feedback and continually strive to improve all our services to our customers. If you would like to leave feedback or are not satisfied with our services, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can do our best to put things right.