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International Campus Unified Identity (INTL ID)

INTL ID is your unified identity on the international campus, and have been connect with ZJU unified identity authentication system,. You can use the INTL ID to access applications or system of the international campus, the main campus, and other institutions. The services based on this account are: International Campus Internet connection, international campus mailbox service, Office365 and various campus application systems. More


How do I get an INTL ID?

For new faculty and staff members, your personal email address will receive the relevant information of the INTL ID within 3 working days after the entry procedure, including the user name and password. If you have not received the email, please contact ITS (

Zhejiang University Network Account

The international campus provides Zhejiang University's network account for the faculty and staff. The services based on this account include: main campus network connection, ZJU mail and RVPN service.

Registration steps:

1. Register in the network operation system of Zhejiang University.

2. Provide the registered user name and school number to ITS ( and pull into the international campus group account (no need to pay ¥50 network package for personal payment, the fee will be paid department).

Internet service

The International Campus offers a variety of network access services, including wireless and wired networks, eduroam, and RVPN services.


  • eduroam

The international campus has opened the wireless network eduroam Internet service, use the INTL ID to log in. If you are a member of the global educational institution eduroam Wireless Network Roaming Alliance, you can also connect to the international campus wireless network eduroam with the network account of your institution.

  • Wireless network (ZJUWLAN)

The international campus provides a unified wireless network access service for each campus of Zhejiang University, and the SSID is ZJUWLAN. After connecting to ZJUWLAN, open any webpage with a browser, a login window will pop up, and you can enter the account password to access the Internet.

  • RVPN

The RVPN service can solve the need to access the campus intranet when you are off-campus. Please visit the RVPN to find out how to use it.


myZJU is a personal portal for teachers and students. You can get the latest notification announcements, meeting minutes, yellow pages, leader calendar and other information on it, which will become an indispensable part of your daily work. Log in to myZJU with the INTL ID.


The International Campus provides 2 email accounts for each teacher and student, namely Office365 Email and Zhejiang University Email.

  • INTL Mail

The International Campus has provided Office365 accounts for each teacher and student, the format is

The International Campus has provided INTL ID (Office 365 account) for each teacher and student. You need to use this account to access the INTL Mail service, which is unified by the international campus. More

  • Zhejiang University Email

The email address of Zhejiang University is <ZJU Network Account> The email password is the same as the password of the network account. You can change the password by logging in to the ZJU mail.

Campus card

The campus card of Zhejiang University provides a multi-functional card service for students and faculty. On campus, the campus card is both your ID card and your consumption card. It has work permit, library card, accommodation access, appointment check-in, etc. There are canteen consumption, self-service printing and so on. You can go directly to the international campus operation center front desk (the first floor of the student center: campus operation center) for cash recharge, Alipay recharge or bind the bank card. More

Online Work Tools

The International Campus provides various communication, collaboration, and video tools, including Office365, Teams, and WebEx.

  • Office365

The International Campus provides each teacher with an Office 365 account or INTL ID. The service includes 5TB cloud storage, electronic notebooks, online questionnaires and other cloud services, and provides the latest Office software for download. More

  • Teams-Online office

Teams is a unified online work platform on campus. It integrates Office365 cloud storage, cloud notes, file collaboration, etc., which can be used for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file sharing. More

  • WebEx-Teleconferencing

WebEx is a remote video conference service platform, for various teaching and working needs such as remote classrooms, remote interviews, cross-campus meetings, and tutorial communication. More


CARSI (CERNET Authentication and Resource Sharing Infrastructure)is the CERNET Authentication and Resource Sharing Infrastructure of China Education and Research Computer Network. When using CARSI, the educational network resource sharing service, students and faculties only need to log in to the database and enter the INTL ID to directly access some electronic resources off-campus without RVPN, which is very convenient.  More

Legalization Software

You could get Microsoft and Adobe products on Zhejiang University campus legalization software platform ( Microsoft software includes: Windows, Office, Visio, Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, etc.; Adobe software includes: Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Bridge, etc. More

Self-service printing service

The international campus has set up self-service printing terminals in administrative buildings, teaching buildings, libraries, IT service centers, etc., providing convenient printing, copying and scanning services for teachers and students. Using campus cards for identity authentication and deduction, you can enjoy service. More