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What is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is an alternative to traditional desktop computing which allows users to access a virtual session from any location without being tied to a single machine. It means that you could use a cloud login to a unified desktop whenever and wherever you are.


Why use VDI



Ability to connect to Windows applications via VDI from anywhere with an internet connection.


Faster computing environment

Depending on a reliable server infrastructure, operating systems and applications run faster on virtual desk rather than on a local PC.


Central Management:

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows the administrators to have central management of all desktops and to control what is being installed and used on the desktops. VDI enables centralized management of software installations patches and updates as well.



All of the data remains in the VDI environment managed by campus information center, thus you could use your personal devices without any concern for your data compromised.


Go Green

Thin client computers use 30%-50% less power and produce less heat while operating.



VDI plays in academic 


The VDI service provides users with the virtual desktop environment and applications that best support their academic activities.


The management of lab environment

VDI could ensure that every student joining the course has no files or configuration changes that previous user left and applications on their desktop is exactly what they need for the class.


Software licenses granting:

For different subjects, a specific configuration is needed where the software is local install. After VDI enables the administrators to send the specific software license to pointed students. Then the students could see that software on their virtual desktop.  It means that students could access to the required applications on personal devices when they want to work on class projects such as MATLAB, Maple, and Mathematica.



As a trend, more and more exams should take place at the computer on international campus. We provide a professional examination environment for both students and examiners based on VDI.  For example, through VDI we should ensure that students login to their virtual desktops in labs should only allows selective access to tools and not be able to access the internet and communicate during an exam.



Click here to download VDI clients.

Need Help?

For help setting up or using VDI, contact the consultant at the ITS through the following method.

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