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What is Office 365?

office 365 is the application to bring the integration of enterprises email service, documents sharing, and instant message service and online conference(Exchange Online,SharePoint Online and Sky for business), it can meet business requests of IT technology in general. As a student or staff in International Campus, you can get up to five free downloads of Office365 Pro Plus, whether that be PC, Mac, tablet or phone. Your licence will last for as long as you are a member of the University.

How to login to office 365?

Please login to with your INTL ID.

How to download offical office softerware on Office 365?

Following the installation guidance to configurate your devices.

Install Office 365 on a PC(in Windows)

Install Office 365 on a Mac

Click here to watch more training videos.

How to reserve a meeting room via Office365

Staffs could use Outlook to reserve the meeting rooms in Art&Science Building.

Guidance of meeting room reservation by Office365