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About Campus Card

Campus card is a consumer card as well as an ID card in the campus, it provides students and staff a 'multi-purpose on One-card' service.

As an ID card (Student or staff ID card)

  • Library card to use library resources and borrow books
  • Access card to entrance your residential buildings
  • appointment card to reserve study spaces

As a consumer card

  • Self-service printing, photocopying and scanning
  • Using in the canteen

Top-up my campus card and E-account

  • Transfer via Alipay: open Alipay and click 'campus life', login and top-up
  • Autopay: your campus card is binding to your bank card, once you are a registered student/staff. For ease of use, when the amount of your campus card is less than ¥50, then ¥100 will be automatically transferred to the campus card from CCB card account. For unbinding can be done on self-transfer machine.
  • Self-transfer: you can transfer money from your bank card to the campus card via the self- transfer machine.
  • Top-up in COC in cash: walk in to COC (Student Center).

Password of Campus Card

Usually the initial password of your campus card is the last six number of your ID card (move a number forward if the last character of your ID is a letter), or 888888 if your ID information is incomplete. In order to ensure the safety of your campus card, you are recommended to reset your password on