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INTL campus offers three differents accounts, they are:


You can use it to connect Internet, access office 365 platform and other applications on the campus。

Get Your INTL  ID

Your INTL ID has been sent to your personal email address left in "Freshman channel", if you failed to get the account, please to contact us.

Change your password

Please to change your password before you use it, login:
input you username and your default password to update your password, please to save your password securely and strong password rules. Do not share your password to others.

Access Your Email

INTL campus offer each student an email address with suffix of "". You need INTL ID to access your email at

Please read more on INTL ID


MyZJU is the ZJU Unified Authentication, which provides access to a number of web-enabled applications and resources from campus.

Getting your myZJU account

The International Campus offers every student and staff a myZJU account. Please contact ITS if don't get your email account.

Using myZJU

You can use your myZJU account to login to ZJU unified authentication system and other systems which is connected to ZJU unified authentication system. Click here to login myZJU.


Getting Your NetID

The campus offers student a NetID to use Internet.. Please contact ITS if you failed to login our network service.

How to used it 

The NetID is required for the following service:

1. All wired and wireless (SSID=ZJUWLAN)network connection.
2. Email of ZJU.
3. SSLVPN (access internal resources such as digital library off campus).

Change Your NetID Password

Please change your NetID password on the first time using it, and do set a high security password. To change your password:
    Click set on the top right corner.
    Choose password to reset it.
Your NetID password will be reset after you change your email password. Please keep your account and password properly and do not lend them to others.

Range of Application

Your NetID can be used on the International campus and all other campuses of Zhejiang University. You can login to your ZJU email account via the NetID. If you want to access to campus systems from off campus, then use your NetID to login VPN.