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At present, the campus offers two email accouts

Mail of ZJU

The International Campus offers every student and staff a free ZJU email account, the storage is 20GB. Please contact ITS if don't get your email account. Your email account will be your student/staff The password of your email account is the same as your NetID, you can change the password by login the email. Your NetID password will be changed as well after you change your email account password.

The mail of ZJU is the primary email account.

Please open to login your email.

Setup an Email Client

  • IMAP:, PORT: 143, SSL PORT: 993

  • POP:, PORT: 110, SSL PORT: 995

  • SMTP:, PORT: 25, SSL PORT: 994

Note: you have one chance to add an alias for your mail, please login to do that. 

Office 365

Students and teachers can now sign in to Office 365 with the INTL ID and use its E-mail functions (

Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of Microsoft services and applications that provides users with a set of collaboration services, communication tools, and mobile, desktop, and web-based applications, as well as data storage capabilities. You can use it to send and receive e-mails, share documents, manage daily schedules, send instant messages as well as convene online video meetings.

Since Office 365 Mail is an effective communication tool across the campus, part of the Campus' notices and messages will be delivered through it (while ZJU Mail will still be used as the major Mail on the campus) from now on.

Please add your Office 365 Mail account together with the ZJU Mail account to your email apps (Outlook recommended), so you won't miss any important messages.

The mail Of Office 365 is auxiliary mail account.

Get started

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